STARS is the State Automated Reporting System. It is an online application for collecting data required for state and federal reporting.

STARS Import/Export Layouts
STARS Reports

Annual Compliance

Course Codes



  • Contact: Office of School Approval and Opportunity, (701) 328-2236
  • The Career Planning Report is part of the Spring Enrollment Report
  • Enrollment Help Document


  • Contact: Office of Indian/Multicultural Education (701) 328-2254 or (701) 328-1876
  • Immigrant Help Document

Access Non-Participation

English Learner (EL)

  • Contact: Office of Indian/Multicultural Education (701) 328-2254 or (701) 328-1876           
  • EL Help Document

Section 504


  • Contact: Office of Indian/Multicultural Education, (701) 328-2170

Special Education Membership

  • Contact: Office of Special Education, (701) 328-2652

Summer School

  • Contact: Office of School Approval and Opportunity, (701) 328-2236
  • Due Date: Prior to Your Program Start Date
  • Summer School Help Document

Early Childhood

  • Contact: Office of Early Learning, (701) 328-4646

Federal Title Reports Consolidated Application (Title I Part A, Title II Part A, Title III Part A, Title IV Part A)

Consolidated Budget Revision

Title I Targeting

School District Financial Report

Regional Education Association Report

Special Education Unit Report

Vocational Education Center Report

MIS01 - LEA Fall Report

MIS01 - LEA Directory

MIS02 - School Fall Report

MIS02 - School Directory

MIS03 - Regular School Year Licensed Personnel

MIS03 - Summer School Licensed Personnel Record

PER02 - Nonlicensed Personnel Report

Graduation Rate

Grade Reconfiguration

Professional Development

Suspension Expulsion

ACT Non-Participation

Teacher Effectiveness

  • Contact: Office of School Approval and Opportunity, (701) 328-2755

Parental Directive

School Calendar Reports


Youth Behavioral Health Professional Development

STARS Early Childhood

Early Care and education entities awarded grants by the North Dakota Department of Commerce (Commerce) are required to enroll their pre-kindergarten students in the North Dakota State Automated Reporting System (STARS). Please note, grantees must keep the STARS report updated monthly in order for Commerce to provide accurate funding reimbursement. 

For help on completing your STARS enrollment, click on the "Help" link on the left menu bar.