Team Nutrition is an initiative of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service. Its mission is to promote lifelong healthy food choices and physical activity by improving the nutrition practices of the USDA child nutrition programs. Team Nutrition work to provide resources to schools, childcare settings, and summer meal sites that participate in these programs.

Team Nutrition uses three strategies to change behavior:

  • Provide training and technical assistance to child nutrition professionals to enable them to prepare and serve nutritious meals that appeal to children.
  • Increase nutrition education through multiple communication channels to help children have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to make healthy food and physical activity choices as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Build support for healthy school and childcare environments that encourage nutritious food choices and physically active lifestyles.

Team Nutrition Training Grants have been a cornerstone of the Team Nutrition initiative since its inception in 1995, and play an important role in helping state agencies deliver training and nutrition education that supports the USDA child nutrition programs.


NDDPI was awarded a 2022 Team Nutrition Grant! 

The Grant Kick-Off will occur at the 2023 NDSNA Conference (May 31-June 2) and run through June 2024. In-person and virtual training options will be available for professional development.

This is an incentivized training focused on all things Meal Pattern related to promote understanding and confidence in your roles. This grant will offer two tracks:

  • Master the Menu: Meal Pattern Breakdown
    • 8-hour track open to all Food Service Staff
      • Receive $100 bonus if completed within 6 months
  • Master the Menu: A Managers View
    • 40-hour track for Directors and Managers
      • Receive $500 bonus if completed within 6 months

Sub-grants will also be available in two categories:

  1. Assist with staffing costs to attend grant-related trainings
  2. Equipment purchases related to post-grant training implementation

Watch for more details and registration COMING SOON!

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