Food Safe Schools Action Guide

  • USDA Food Safe Schools Action Guide: A guide for school nutrition staff working to create an environment of best practices in food safety.

Dining Guide for Meals in the Classroom

  • designed to help you easily communicate your district procedures for serving meals in the classroom to key stakeholders within their school community

School Meals that Rock

  • This is a blog site with information and opinions from Dayle Hayes,
  • Check out her December 27, 2014 post called 31 days of #RealSchoolFood for #MustHaveRecipeResources for quick links to more unique school recipes.
  • Also find the same site “School Meals That Rock” on Pinterest and Facebook

Institute of Child Nutrition

  • “Food Safety in Schools” – 8 hour initial sanitation training required for EVERY school kitchen site manager and food service director
  • Trainings available on Culinary techniques, Food allergies, Financial management – get your professional development hours in easily
  • All trainings are based on the research done by the staff at ICN.  All research is available for all your child nutrition data needs.
  • All trainings are FREE.

Child Nutrition Sharing Site (CNSS) 

  • This site is hosted by ICN and includes resources developed by many, many federal, state and local organizations.  Find recipes, menu planning and help on local wellness policy and professional development.
  • This site accepts resources from all organizations although the resource must be approved before it is shared again.  If you have an outstanding recipe that you student body can’t get enough of or nutrition education that has made a difference in the students or even a management tool that has made your kitchen more efficient, take a moment and share it with ICN through this resource.

Team Nutrition Recipes

  • The standardized USDA recipes are available on this site. If you have lost your three-ring binder that contained all these tried and true school recipes, find copies here.
  • Also available are recipes that are adapted for both school and home so if you menu one at school, you don’t have to do the culinary math to use it in a newsletter for parents to try in the home.

FARE: Food Allergy Research & Education

All schools should be prepared to effectively manage students with food allergies.  Food is not only eaten in the cafeteria.

Resources include checklists for the entire school to prepare for a food allergy.  

  • Free webinar trainings:
  • Keeping Students Safe & Included (30 minutes)
  • Recognizing and responding to Anaphylaxis (10 minutes)
  • Exclude the Food, Not the Child (1 hour)
  • Section 504, Title II and Students with Several Allergies in Public Schools (1 hr 30 min)