• SFSP Production Records 
    • Must be completed or tracked for Each Day, Each Site, Each Meal type served.
    • Breakfast and lunch meals must be documented separately.
  • Meal Count Tally Sheet 
    • Meal count tally sheets must be completed for each meal, for each day and each site unless exactly duplicated. 
    • During a non-congregate meal setting, there are no second meals served to children.
    • Example: If you are using a bus to deliver meals and stopping at multiple drop sites, you may use one meal count sheet per bus route per meal and meals should be documented as they are picked up from each site.  If you are serving lunch and breakfast at four stops on the bus route, the driver or site supervisor would complete one meal count form for breakfast and one for lunch.
    • Example: If you are providing home delivered meals and you have two drivers who deliver 10 meals each.  You may use one meal count sheet per vehicle per meal and document after they deliver to each home. 
    • Example: If you are providing curb side pick-up at your school than you will use one meal count sheet per meal and document as they are getting picked up.
  • Site Review Form For Sponsors
    • All sponsors must complete a review of their program operations. 
    • Example: The school is using four buses to deliver to multiple sites on each route.  The Site Review form needs to be completed for each bus.  This school must complete four site reviews.   
    • Example: The school is providing home delivered meals. The school has two volunteers who deliver multiple meals each.   The Site Review form needs to be completed for each route and not for each individual home delivery site.  This school must complete two site reviews.
    • Example: The school is providing home delivered meals on a bus that runs once per day to 10 households and the school is also offering a meal site at the school with grab and go curb where kids can pick up meals.  The bus route would be considered on off-site meal distribution.  The review asks questions regarding the meal prep site and the schools process for off-site distribution.  The on-site meal distribution where meals are served as grab and go curb side would be another site.  Two reviews would be completed.  One for the bus route and one for the distribution of grab and go curb side. 
    • Site reviews must be completed within the first four weeks of operation.
    • Site review forms are meant for traditional SFSP sites during the regular operation of the SFSP. Please complete the forms to the best of your ability.
    • Site review documentation must be kept on file at the sponsor and should not be sent into NDDPI unless requested during a State review of the SFSP. 
  • Racial/Ethnic Data Collection Record
    • All sponsors must complete annually and kept on file at the Sponsor.
  • SFSP Training Certificate
    • All other staff/volunteers working with SFSP must complete the training.  Staff training must be documented and kept on file at the Sponsor.
    • The information in the webinar from 4/1/2020 covers all required information for SFSP training. 
    • Once completed by the sponsor representative, submit Training Certificate to
  • SFSP Monitoring Waiver Request 
    • Sponsors must review each of their sites. 
    • If the sponsor does not want to conduct the reviews “on-site” to practice social distancing, we have been given the flexibility to allow sponsors to conduct those reviews as desk audits.
    • Sponsors who choose to conduct desk audits as their site reviews, a monitoring waiver request must be submitted to
  • SFSP Meal Component Waiver Request