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SFSP Production Records 

  • Must be completed or tracked for Each Day, Each Site, Each Meal type served.
  • Breakfast, lunch and snack meals must be documented separately.
  • Schools who are using the SFSP meal pattern can use the SFSP production records.  Schools who are using the NSLP meal pattern must use the NSLP production records.  

Meal Count Tally Sheet 

  • Schools may use the meal count tally sheets to document meals served.
  • Schools may also use their POS systems if there is access and as long as meals can be tallied for reporting purposes at the end of each month.

Site Review Form For Sponsors

  • All sponsors must complete a review of their program operations. 
  • Each active site must be reviewed separately.
  • Site reviews must be completed within the first month of operation
  • Please complete the forms to the best of your ability.
  • Site review documentation must be kept on file at the sponsor and should not be sent into NDDPI unless requested during a State review of the SFSP Program. 

Racial/Ethnic Data Collection Record

  • All sponsors must complete annually and keep on file at the Sponsor.

SFSP Training Certificate