Fee for Service (State Agency)

Be aware that the following links have both Regular and Child Nutrition (CN) information.  If you are unable to find the CN label you are looking for please contact dpicnfd@nd.gov.



2099 Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast White Meat
2565 Sliced Turkey Ham 12/1lb units Dark Meat
2635-20 All-Natural Oven Roasted Diced Turkey Breast White Meat
6132 Country Recipe Turkey Sausage Patties Dark Meat
6448-20 Pre-Cooked Chunked White Turkey White Meat


15554-8 BBQ Teriyaki Chicken
Product Formulation Statement 15554-8
15555-5 Mandarin Orange Chicken
Product Formulation Statement 15555-5
15551-7 Sweet & Sour Chicken
Product Formulation Statement 15551-7

Cost Analysis - Yang's

Alternate Value Pass thru Systems (Distributor) Summary End Product Data Schedules (by Vendor)

Cargill SEPDS SY20
Cavendish SEPDS SY20
Jennie O SEPDS SY20
Pilgrim's Pride SEPDS SY20
Red Gold SEPDS SY20
Schwan's SEPDS SY20
Simplot SEPDS SY20
Tyson SEPDS SY20
Yang's SEPDS SY20