Summer School Reporting Guidance


This guidance provides the necessary procedures to complete the online application and reporting for the Summer School Program approval process. All summer school applications must be received by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) fifteen days prior to the start of the program. Please follow the steps below for the State Automated Reporting System (STARS) reporting:

  1. Log into STARS. You need authority to enter licensed personnel information just as you would during the regular school year.
  2. Once you are logged into STARS, it will bring you to the “Fill Out Reports” page. Click on the + next to “Personnel” to expand the folder. If you do not see this folder, contact your school administrator to grant you permission to this report. To grant permission, choose “Manage Users” under “Security” on the left side bar.
  3. Click on the + next to “Summer School Licensed Personnel (MIS03)” to view your district and plant identification.
  4. Choose the appropriate “Plant Identification” (County, LEA, Plant number) for the elementary or high school program. A Summer School Licensed Personnel (MIS03) box will appear to your right.
  5. Choose the the most recent school year and click “Select”.
  6. Choose “Summer School Application” located on the left side bar, “Check Out” and enter the requested information. Once finished, click “Save”, “Check In”, and “Validate”. Correct any validation flags and then click “Submit”.
  7. Choose “Summer School Licensed Personnel (MIS03)” on the left side bar and enter the summer school data. This process is the same as the regular school year entry.
  8. Click “Add ND PK-12 Licensed Personnel”. Enter your summer school teaching staff by license number. You will be able to roll over your summer school staff each year after the first year of entry.
  9. Enter the course name or course number being taught through the course code search.
  10. For each course, enter the credit code (for high school), the total number of instructional hours, projected number of students per grade (based on the grade level this upcoming fall), and gender.
    Please note: Driver Education courses require a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel, and 6 hours of observation for ¼ credit.
  11. Save the report throughout the data entering process. You can log out and return to the MIS03 to enter data at any time.
  12. When completed, choose “Validate” under “Functions” on the left side bar. Address any errors and warnings identified. Click “Submit”. You can submit the report with warnings, but not with errors.
  13. Print copies of the reports for your records, if you wish.
  14. “Exit” Report and log out of STARS when done.

Once the NDDPI reviews the submitted application and the MIS03 report, a letter will be sent confirming approval or denial of your summer school program. Upon completion of the summer school program, the district will enter the student attendance on the STARS Fall Enrollment Summer School Report. This information determines your state reimbursement for summer school. Summer School program payments are disbursed in the fall.

Reminder: Please be certain that all driver education instructors have provided the necessary information to the Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB) office for annual renewal of their driver education endorsements in order to expedite program approval. You may contact the ESPB office at (701) 328-9641.

Contact the Office of School Approval & Opportunity at (701) 328-2597 for additional information.