School Calendars


Fall/Spring School Calendar

The 2019 Legislature voted to change the school calendar instruction time. Per NDCC 15.1-06-04, a school district shall provide for a school calendar that includes:

  • At least nine hundred sixty-two and one-half (962.5) hours of instruction for elementary school students (K-6) and one thousand fifty (1050) hours of instruction for middle and high school students (7-12).

These changes will significantly affect how you enter information when completing the STARS calendar reports. Detailed School Calendar Guidance was created to assist you with completing your calendar.

Due Dates:

  • Fall Calendar Due September 15
  • Spring Calendar Due June 15

For additional information contact the Office of School Approval & Opportunity at (701) 328-2597.

Professional Development Days

October 17-18, 2019 Declared as Professional Development Days - Per NDCC 15.1-06-04.1, the two days declared as days districts may not schedule school-sponsored, school-directed, or school-related activities are October 17-18, 2019. These days are being held at the official request of the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders (NDCEL) in an application to the Superintendent. NDCEL requested these days be held from school calendars to enable school administrators to gather in Bismarck for the NDCEL Annual Convention. These days will be blocked off on the STARS school calendar so districts are unable to schedule instruction on those days.