The North Dakota Alternate Assessment (NDAA) is for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.  North Dakota uses the instructionally-embedded model of Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) which means that the testlets are administered throughout the school year and are embedded into the student’s instruction.  The embedded DLM format allows teachers to adjust the complexity level of testlets based on student need.   In this way, teachers may assess student learning and provide additional instruction based on assessment results.  The assessment may then positively impact instruction for each student.  The testlets are designed to be given on multiple days throughout each testing window. Ideally, no more than two testlets are given within a day. Instructionally Embedded Window: Full Blueprints MUST be completed FALL and SPRING Windows.

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1% Justification

District justifications will be made publicly available upon request. Requests should be made to Maggie Williams

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NDAA ELA/Math Score Report Guidance