NDDPI Salary Data Collections

Salary data reported on the End-of-Year Employee Compensation Reports differ from the salaries reported through the North Dakota Administrative and Personnel Data in Public Schools (AIP) and NEA submissions due to three primary factors:

  1. Timing – Fall data collection on the MIS03 estimates base salary for the current school year. NEA estimates, and the NDDPI Instruction, Salary Book figures, are based on this data collection. Employee compensation data is collected via the Employee Compensation Report after the completion of the school year and includes detailed, actual payments to employees.
  2. Data Repository and Management – The MIS03 forms maintained on the NDDPI Mainframe are dynamic, i.e., maintained manually with additions, corrections, and deletions throughout the school year. Therefore, summary figures derived from this data source at different points in time may or may not be identical to varying points in time.
  3. Position Descriptions – The NEA and the State of North Dakota do not define “Teachers” and “Administrators” by the same position codes. To conform with NEA’s federal reporting requirements, salary data are sorted differently for this submission, and this process usually produces results that differ from other state estimates.

Compensation Data Reports (Excel)