Comprehensive Needs Assessment

The goal of the needs assessment is to use academic data for the entire school and stakeholder feedback to determine the subjects and skills for which teaching and learning need to be improved as well as gain a better understanding of the root causes of the identified needs. ESSA 1114(b)(6) requires each school operating a schoolwide program to develop a plan based on a comprehensive needs assessment. The specific functions of the needs assessment are outlined in 34 CFR 200.26(a).

A school operating a schoolwide program must conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school that:

  • Is based on academic achievement information about all students in the school, including all groups under 34 CFR 200.13(b)(7) and migratory children [ESSA 1309(3) for definition], relative to North Dakota’s academic standards under 34 CFR 200.1 to:
    • Help the school understand the subjects and skills for which teaching and learning need to be improved; and
    • Identify the specific academic needs of students and groups of students who are not yet achieving North Dakota’s academic standards.
  • Assesses the needs of the school relative to each of the components of the schoolwide plan under ESSA 1114(b)(7).

The comprehensive needs assessment must be developed with the participation of individuals who will carry out the schoolwide plan. ESSA 1114(b)(2)

The school must document how it conducted the needs assessment, the results it obtained, and the conclusions it drew from those results. ESSA 1114(b)(3)