The NDDPI is required by federal law to monitor local Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, Private School Equitable Services, English Learners, Homeless, and Foster Care programs to ensure compliance with programmatic and fiscal regulations.


2023-2024 Districts Selected for Federal Title Programs Monitoring

Federal Title Programs Monitoring Webinar

Upload Requirements

All monitoring submissions must be uploaded to the Federal Title Monitoring report in STARS. The window to submit documentation is November 27, 2023, through January 18, 2024. Please clearly label each submission (e.g., D01, TA02, SW03, etc.) and upload documentation to the designated folder.

Federal Title Programs Monitoring Guide, including Sample Documentation:

Personalized Technical Assistance

The NDDPI hosts personalized technical assistance for each district to discuss programs, best practices, and district compliance. Based on the results of the initial review, this could be a virtual call or an in-person site visit.