• Civil Rights Training Document; All staff working in your facility need to take an annual Civil Rights Training Course. This document is sent yearly with program renewals or at our Annual Training. If you are in need of this document, please email us at


  • Any Lead Food Service Worker (within 6 months of hire date) must complete a USDA-approved Sanitation Training:
    1. “Food Safety in Child Care” course is available online through the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN): (~3-hour course online)
      • Please create a free account through ICN.
      • Once you complete the Food Safety in Child Care course, please send your certificate to
    2. NDDPI offers in-person training typically mid-summer (8-hour training). Email us if you are interested in attending this in-person training

Once the initial Sanitation Training is complete, it is good for 5 years! Every 5 years, a 3-hour sanitation update is required.

  • You can ‘retake’ the ICN “Food Safety in Child Care” course
  • Email us ( for an NDDPI-sponsored 3-hour Sanitation Update (a virtual recording)