Voluntary transfer of school district property is a process outlined in North Dakota Century Code Chapter 15.1-12-07.1, which allows alterations of school district boundaries through the voluntary transfer of property between contiguous school districts.   

Process Steps

In order for districts to pursue a voluntary transfer of land, the boards of both districts must vote to pursue the transfer and vote to approve the proposed adjustments to the district boundaries. The districts shall jointly file with the county superintendent or designee a Petition for Voluntary Transfer of School District Property form along with the meeting minutes from each board evidencing the required affirmative votes. The voluntary transfer petition is available from the County Superintendent or Designee, or from the Department of Public Instruction’s website. The County Superintendent or Designee schedules a county committee hearing within sixty (60) days of the filing of the petition to hear the voluntary transfer petition. If the voluntary transfer of property is approved by the county committee, it is then sent to the State Board of Public School Education for a hearing, review, and approval.

Approved voluntary transfers of land are always effective July 1 following the approval of the transfer.