Summer School


There are many reasons why summer learning is important. Summer School programs have been proven to prevent the “summer slide,” which is a loss of academic skills in children over the summer months, to providing nutritious meals to North Dakota Children. Summer School programs also provide a safe, engaging academic environment for children across the state – an environment that would not be available if it weren’t for Summer School programs.



Drivers Education:
In the past, several schools began their summer school driver’s education program (classroom and behind-the-wheel) without being approved by the NDDPI. As you can imagine, the consequences of not being approved could be disastrous. One accident can end an entire driver’s education program for a school because of an inevitable lawsuit. In addition, technically an unapproved school/course is not legal and cannot be added to a high school transcript. It is vital that summer school driver’s education courses are submitted to STARS PRIOR to the program starting so NDDPI staff can approve it. If a school does not do this, the NDDPI will not reimburse the school for these courses.

Grades K-8 Remedial Summer School:
The sixty-seventh legislative assembly has approved HB 1436. When signed into law by the Governor, the word “remedial” will be removed from subsection 1 of section 15.1-21.16 of the North Dakota Century Code. Starting June 1, 2021, all K-12 students are eligible for state-funded summer school regardless of their academic status.

Laws and Regulations