SFSP Annual Training for Approved Sponsors

Sponsors are required to complete the annual training requirements. The two required trainings are the SFSP training for new and returning sponsors and the SFSP training for rural non-congregate meals. The SFSP training for rural non-congregate meals is an additional training requirement for those sponsors who are offering rural non-congregate meals. At least one person from the sponsor or at the sponsor level, must successfully complete the SFSP training(s) and complete the quiz. Once our office receives the quiz response(s), they are reviewed, and documented in NDFoods. We no longer require the submission of a training certification document. Quiz scores must be at least 80% or higher to pass.  All SFSP trainings are available in the SFSP YouTube training playlist.

All Trainings Are Available on the

NDDPI Summer Food Service Program YouTube Playlist

SFSP Required Annual Training Playlist.

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