IDEA Advisory Committee Position Statement on a Unified System of Education

The IDEA Advisory Committee is a panel that works to improve special education in North Dakota. The IDEA Advisory Committee advises the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction on the unmet educational needs of students with disabilities, on corrective action plans, and on developing and implementing policies to improve coordination of services to these students, reviews and comments on North Dakota’s Annual Performance Report, on proposed special education regulations, and helps the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction develop and report information that is required by law to the U.S. Secretary of Education. 

The IDEA Advisory meets approximately three times a year. Every meeting has a public comment period.  Public comment may be received through written comments or by attending the meeting and speaking during the public comment period.  If you are interested in attending and/or providing public comment, please email Specially Designed Services with the following information (1) first and last name, (2) organization affiliation, and (3) public comment.


2023 IDEA Advisory Meeting Dates:

  • December 14, 2023 - this meeting will be virtual.


Meeting Agendas:

Meeting Minutes: