Q: In WebGrants, can more than one person from each school create a login to see results of grants or reports?

  • Yes. Grant recipients have the ability to add additional contacts to the grant in the WebGrants system.  These additional contacts can be within their own district or do not have to be.

Q: We are one of the 16 school districts that do not qualify for Title I funds. Do we still need to create an account on the WebGrants system, or will there be a different process for us?

  • Yes. The NDDPI anticipates being able to support all districts, even those that do not receive Title I funds, and those funds will still be dispersed through the WebGrants system.

Q: If a school has applied for the Comprehensive Literacy State Development (CLSD) grant, that school has already gone through this registration process, right?

  •  All WebGrants users must register and have their own user accounts. Those that participated in the application for CLSD grant or other programs currently within the grant system are already registered. Additional users from each district may want or need to register as well.

Q: If the Superintendent registered and listed the business manager as a secondary does the business manager still need to register?

  • Yes, all parties for this program need to register in WebGrants.

Q: When you refer to the "ledger report" what specifically are you looking for, the account listing that shows budget & expense listing?

  • Districts will need to maintain a local accounting detailed ledger to verify all expenditures are allowable.

Q: Can the application be modified after approval if the LEA's needs change and we want to spend on another allowable expense?

  • Yes. Any changes can be explained within the quarterly reports as no budget is required with the application process. This will be a one-time submission for the application. All allowable activities are listed in Appendix B of the application. No revisions will be made to the application. Adjustments can be noted in the quarterly reports.

Q: Is the WebGrants system the same as federal web grant system for applications?

  • No, WebGrants is NDDPI's Grant Management System.