WIDA ACCESS for ELLs is the annual North Dakota English Language Proficiency Assessment in which all English Learners must participate. The assessment measures students’ academic English language in each of the four language domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The content of the assessments aligns with the five North Dakota English Language Development Standards: Social & Instructional Language, Language of Language Arts, Language of Mathematics, Language of Science, and Language of Social Studies.

ACCESS for ELLs is administered online for grades 1-12 and paper-based for kindergarten students. Students' ACCESS scores reflect proficiency levels ranging from Level 1 (Entering) to Level 6 (Reaching). Educators use ACCESS results, along with other resources, to make decisions about programming for English learners to facilitate their language development.

The information in the files below is also available in the EL Coordinator and EL Educator Teams and SharePoint sites. To request access to appropriate EL Teams or EL SharePoint sites, please contact the NDDPI EL Programs Office.

ACCESS 2.0 2019-2020 Testing Schedule


  • Mon 8/12/19 - Fri 10/12/19  SEA Provides 2018-2019 Site Changes to DRC
  • Thu 12/5/19 - Thu 12/5/19  Test Materials Ordering via Pre-ID File (SEA)
  • Thu 12/5/19 - Thu 12/5/19  SEA Loads Pre-ID File into AMS
  • Fri 12/13/19 - Fri 2/21/20  WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test Sessions
  • Mon 1/6/20 - Mon 1/6/20  Districts Receive Test Materials (On)

During Testing

  • Tue 1/14/20 - Fri 2/21/20  TEST WINDOW
  • Mon 1/6/20 - Fri 2/14/20  Additional Test Material Ordering Window in AMS (contact SEA to order)


  • Fri 2/28/20 - Fri 2/28/20  Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRC
  • Mon 3/16/20 - Fri 3/27/20  Pre-Reporting Data Validation - LEAs in AMS
  • Tue 4/28/20 - Tue 4/28/20  Districts Receive Reports - Online
  • Mon 5/4/20 - Mon 5/4/20  Districts Receive Reports - Printed
  • Tue 4/28/20 - Tue 4/28/20  Post-Reporting Data Validation - LEAs in AMS 
ACCESS 2.0 Test Administration Training


  • Go to ACCESS Quick Start Guide for a downloadable guide to preparing and administering ACCESS for ELs.
  • To obtain a WIDA AMS or WIDA Secure Portal account, contact your District Test Coordinator or the state EL Programs office.
  • North Dakota requires that all personnel who come into contact with the WIDA assessments must complete ANNUAL training(s) for all tests being administered. For specific requirements, see the ND State Page of the WIDA website.

2019-2020 Q&A WIDA Webinar Schedule

  • Central Office Service (COS) Transition (Part One)
  • Central Office Service (COS) Transition (Part Two)
  •  ACCESS for ELLs: Speaking Domain
  • Central Office Service (COS) Transition (Part Three)
    • Thursday, August 1 from 10:00am-11:00am Central
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  • WIDA Screener – Online
    • Thursday, August 8, 11am-12pm Central
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  • WIDA Screener – Paper
    • Tuesday, August 20, 10am-11am Central
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  • Welcome Back: What’s New This Year?
    • Wednesday, September 18, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • Pre-Testing: ACCESS for ELLs for New Test Administrators
    • Tuesday, September 24, 11am-12pm Central
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  • Pre-Testing:  ACCESS for ELLs for New District Test Coordinators
    • Thursday, September 26, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • Pre-Testing: Software Updates & Technology Readiness Checklist
    • Thursday, October 3, 1pm-2pm Central
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  •  Pre-Testing: Technology Installations* (1.5 hours)
    • Tuesday, October 8, 1pm-2:30pm Central
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  •  Pre-Testing: Ordering Materials in WIDA AMS
    • Thursday, October 10, 11am-12pm Central
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  • Pre-Testing: Test Scheduling
    • Thursday, October 17, 1pm-2pm Central
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  •  Pre-Testing: Technology Coordinator Support for Test Administrators
    • Thursday, November 7, 11am-12pm Central
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  • During Testing:  Managing Students in WIDA AMS (Online)
    • Wednesday, November 13, 2pm-3pm Central
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  • Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Test Administration
    • Tuesday, December 3, 11am-12pm Central
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  • During Testing: Managing Test Sessions (Online)
    • Wednesday, December 11, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • During Testing: Managing Students in WIDA AMS (Paper)
    • Tuesday, December 17, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • During Testing: Managing Test Materials (Paper)
    • Thursday, January 9, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • During Testing: Technology Troubleshooting
    • Wednesday, January 15, 11am-12pm Central
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  • Post-Testing: Returning Materials (Paper)
    • Thursday, January 30, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • During Testing: Monitoring Completion for Test Coordinators (Online)
    • Thursday, February 6, 11am-12pm Central
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  • Post-Testing: Data Validation
    • Wednesday, March 4, 1pm-2pm Central
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  • Post-Testing: Interpreting Score Reports
    • Thursday, March 12, 11am-12pm Central
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ACCESS 2.0 Test Guidance Files

WIDA AMS User Guide, available in WIDA AMS as a manual for test administrators with a login under General/Documents.

Additional Materials