The North Dakota 67th Legislative Assembly (2021) faced decisions on an influx of ESSER funds provided to states in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislative body wished to emphasize using the funds for education to mitigate challenges in learning loss and recovery created by the pandemic. The intention of the North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) section 15.1-21-12.1 regarding reading curriculum and professional development is to support the improvement of reading instruction for students in North Dakota.

All teachers and principals serving students in grades K-3 will:

  1. Receive training in scientifically-based reading instruction practices.
  2. Utilize scientifically-based instructional materials and approaches.

Distinctions in the Legal Subsections of NDCC 15.1-21-12.1

There are several subsections of the law with similar but distinct purposes.

  • Subsection 1 is regarding the core reading curriculum schools use, while subsection 4 addresses assessments and intervention curriculum.  
  • Subsection 2 requires all current K-3 teachers and principals to attend professional development.
  • Subsection 3 states for any new or reassigned teachers and principals to be trained.

North Dakota Century Code:

ND Administrative Code: