The NDDPI has expanded Title I to include an award program recognizing high performance. This award represents Title I programs that will serve as a model to highlight “what’s working” for making progress toward North Dakota’s accountability measures by demonstrating growth, closing achievement gaps, and improving graduation rates.

All schools receiving recognition and awards must be eligible districts that receive federal Title I funds because they have significant numbers of students from low-income families based on census and poverty data. The Title I schools must meet the elements outlined in the accountability framework for North Dakota. School types include elementary schools (grades K-8) and high schools (9-12 grade). Using data sources available to the state, the additional award criteria include the school’s ability to show growth and progress in the school’s performance measures.

High-Performing Title I Program Criteria 
The eligible school falls within the top 5-10 percent of Title I schools based on performance of the North Dakota accountability framework from the following performance measures using composite scores:

  • Student Achievement in ELA and Math
  • Student Growth in ELA and Math
  • Graduation and GED Completer Rate
  • Choice Ready
  • English Learner Proficiency Growth
  • Student Engagement
  • Schools exiting from Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI)

Additional award criteria (based on a weighted scale of points awarded for growth):

  • Have a significant number of economically disadvantaged students 
  • Fall with the top 10% of Title I schools experiencing growth in the performance indicators
  • Demonstrated improvement during the last three years (category points awarded)

Note: Subgroups must meet the π size of 10. Schools are ranked according to accountability, and additional criteria points are applied based on the greatest amount of progress.

Distribution of funds is dependent upon the amount of reallocated funds available for redistribution and funds returned; therefore, never guaranteed each year. Estimated award amounts are based on the following:

  • School Enrollment: 0-300 students up to $60,000
  • School Enrollment: 301-800 students up to $70,000
  • School Enrollment: 801+ students up to $75,000

The awarded schools receive and must respond to accept the nomination, recognition, and award for additional funds. Once accepted, a notice of recognition and grant award for the additional funds is issued to the district. Recognition is provided in the NDDPI newsletter, social media, and website. 

Awarded districts must follow all Title I regulations regarding the allowability of the use of funds and submit claims for the funds during the program project period of the grant (the 120-day expenditure rule still applies). Districts must be able to describe/justify how receiving these funds helps students meet the achievement targets. Follow-up reports may be requested to share information regarding this award and the interventions and strategies that led to the school’s growth and progress in the Title I program.

Accordion Section Title
2023-2024 Awardees
  • Alexander Elementary School
  • Eight Mile High School
  • Heart River Elementary School, Dickinson
  • Linton High School
  • Madison Elementary School, Fargo
  • Mary Stark Elementary School, Mandan
  • South Heart Elementary School
  • TGU-Towner High School
  • Thompson Elementary School
  • Underwood High School
  • Willow Park Elementary School, West Fargo
Accordion Section Title
2022-2023 Awardees
  • Badlands Elementary School, McKenzie County  
  • Bob Callies Elementary School, Garrison
  • Eagles Elementary School, Fargo 
  • Ed Clapp Elementary School, Fargo
  • Gackle-Streeter Elementary School
  • Hazen Elementary School
  • Heart River Elementary School, Dickinson 
  • Madison Elementary School, Fargo 
  • Medina High School
  • Ray Elementary School, Nesson 
  • Richardton-Taylor Elementary School 
  • Stanley Elementary School