School transportation is an integral part of today's educational system. The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction takes a three-pronged approach to school transportation:

  1. Safety - The first and highest priority is the safe delivery of students to and from school. In North Dakota where transportation of school children is a fact of life, it becomes imperative that all possible safety precautions be applied.
  2. Bus Driver - The school bus driver is expected to be a fully qualified, trained, manager of students, and a representative of the school district.
  3. Reporting - Districts are responsible for reporting their bus driver training, as well as their Vehicle Inventory and Route information (in STARS) for proper State reimbursement.


Workshops for Bus Driver Training
Co/Dist School District Name Date Time Target Audience Delivery Method Location
50 North Valley 8/11/20 5:00 pm Drivers In Person North Valley Career-Tech Center
31-001 New Town Public School 8/17/20 6:00 pm Route Drivers In Person

New Town High School

50 North Valley 8/19/20 8:30 am Activity & Other Drivers In-Person Grafton Performing Arts Center
31-001 New Town Public School 8/26/20 6:00 pm Activity & Other Drivers In Person New Town High School
43-004 Solen 7/27/20 Online Drivers Online Online Only