USDA Food Delivery Guidelines for Household Agency Warehouses

Delivery Responsibilities (Booth Delivery Service Staff):

  1. NDDPI schedules the deliveries each month and verifies each delivery location and delivery date with Booth Delivery Services.  Booth Delivery Services will be responsible for notifying the household agency if there is a change to their delivery date or time. 
  2. Booth Delivery Services must deliver USDA foods in good condition, to the recipient, by type and quantity listed on the customer order copy of the manifest.   The foods will be delivered to the recipient agency loading dock, receiving door or an entrance closest to the warehouse area.
  3. Booth Delivery staff will make certain that an authorized representative of the recipient agency signs the signature sheet.  The recipient agency’s authorized representative should be a staff member that will be present during the delivery.  The authorized representative could be a program administrator, warehouse foreman or warehouse staff person.  Depending upon when the delivery is made will depend on what staff will be available to receive the goods. Regardless of the authorized representative, the responsibilities are still the same for accepting the goods as detailed above under Recipient Responsibilities.
  4. Booth Delivery staff will leave at the customer order copy with the recipient.

Recipient Responsibilities (local agency employees, warehouse employees):

  1. The authorized representative will be responsible for checking the quantity, type and condition of all receipted product against the customer order copy of the manifest which is provided by Booth Delivery staff. 
  2. When unloading is complete, the authorized representative is responsible for signing a copy of the manifest which is referred to as the signature sheet. The authorized representative will be responsible for noting any discrepancy in quantity or damaged foods on the signature sheet. 
  3. At a minimum, the recipient must conduct a case count of the product delivered and match the physical count with the case count listed on the customer order copy or signature sheet