North Dakota Academic Progression of Learning and Understanding of Students or ND A-PLUS (ND A+) is a new, connected system of assessments that includes state-provided interim assessments (starting Fall 2023) and a statewide summative assessment that will replace the NDSA (starting Spring 2025). The innovation with the ND A+ system lies in the alignment between the interim assessments and the ND educational content standards and alignment to the ND A+ summative.  The two parts of ND A+, interims and the summative, will exist within the same platform.  This is a benefit to both test administrators and students as familiarity with the system will grow as it is used throughout the year.  Items like reporting, test administrator interface, student testing interface, student testing tools, and even the item pool will all be uniquely tied together in one system.  The ND A+ interims meet the newly created interim assessment law via the state-provided option (NDCC 15.1-21-17.1) and are provided at no cost to the school districts. For further information, please see the links below and always feel free to email the Office of Assessment.

ND A-PLUS Informational Resources