The North Dakota Learning Continuum is a statewide framework (document) identifying key qualities (attributes) within a set of learning expectations (competencies). This framework indicates the performance level that students participating in a proficiency or mastery-based learning model should know and be able to demonstrate over their K-12 career and beyond.

NDCC Flexibility

Since 2017, the NDDPI and schools from across the state have been collaborating on innovative education, in particular personalized, competency-based education. It is recognized the NDLC, provided through the 2021 legislative session, is a critical framework needed for schools throughout North Dakota to move forward in providing personalized approaches to education. The resources below illustrate the flexibilities offered with in the North Dakota Century Code and highlight the newest flexibility, NDLC and mastery framework.

NDLC Public Comment Survey

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction invited public comment on the preliminary draft of the North Dakota Learning Continuum (NDLC). This learning continuum will serve as a transparent statewide framework of grade-banded competencies used by students, educators, families, and the community.

The results of this survey were collected by KnowledgeWorks and submitted to the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction. These survey results will inform the next draft of the NDLC.