• Claims Review Process (Edit Check)
  • Racial/Ethnic Data Form
  • Food Service Contract-SNP
  • Medical Statement to Request School Meal Modification
  • NSLP/After School Snack Program Sponsor Monitor Review Form
    • A review of the After school snack program must be done twice a year. The first review must occur within the first 4 weeks of the beginning of the program.  A second review must happen before the program ends each year (July 1 to June 30)
  • Site Monitoring for National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
    • For schools with more than one site in the district.  A review of the meal counting procedures and other general program areas must be done before February 1st of each school year.  The annual site monitoring must be available for each year between the Administrative Reviews.
  • Hiring Waiver
    • Professional Standards Hiring Waiver is to be used by School districts with less than 500 students who can not find a qualified candidate to take the Food Service director position.  Please follow the directions on the waiver for submission.
  • Professional Standards Log
    • Annual Professional development must be tracked.  You may use any tracker you would like.  This form is a simple one designed for North Dakota schools.  Find an online version made by USDA – FNS at:
  • Professional Standards Learning Topics - Key Areas
    • This is a list of acceptable topics for school meal programs staff to take training on.  Items that are not on this list such as School Bullying or Security are not acceptable to use as annual Professional development.
    •  Ideas for Training: The USDA – FNS has a database of available resources you may use for training.  Some are free; some are not.  Find the database at:
  • Temperature Log: There are several temperature logs that school kitchens are required to keep depending on your Standard Operating Procedures:
  • NonProgram Foods Revenue Calculator
    • For all schools selling ala carte items, seconds, adult meals, catering meals, and any food outside the meal programs, the NonProgram Foods Revenue calculator (or a similar expense/revenue ratio) must be calculated annually to ensure that the prices charged for each item covers the cost.  There are only 4 numbers you need to find on the annual 05 Fund (Food service) Revenue and Expense statement:

      Expense: The total cost of all reimbursable meals / The total cost of all nonprogram food

      Revenue: The total revenue received for nonprogram food / The total revenue received in the 05 fund for the year

      The spreadsheet will make the calculation of how much revenue was required and more importantly how much additional revenue is required for compliance with the HHFK mandate that non-program food revenue must cover the expense to sell it i.e. if it costs a school district $.84 to bring in a piece of pizza then the school district must charge at least $.84 to cover the cost.

      Please calculate these numbers keep this spreadsheet each year for use in the resource management portion of the Administrative Review.


  • Meal Counting and Claim Preparation/SNP (SFN 9188)
  • NSLP/After School Snack Program Addendum to Program Agreement (SFN 52872)
  • Policy Statement for Free and Reduced-Price Meals/SNP-Charge (SFN 9184)
  • Policy Statement for Free and Reduced-Price Meals/SNP-No Charge (SFN 9185)
  • Weekly Menu Worksheet
  • School Review Readiness Checklist

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