School districts educating students in other public school systems must pay the full cost of education incurred by the admitting district as defined under NDCC 15.1.29-12. Non-resident tuition payments are mandatory unless specifically exempted under NDCC 15.1-29.

Special education and related costs remain the responsibility of the resident school district. The legislature appropriates funds for a special “high risk pool” for covering unusually high special education costs. This kind of insurance system protects districts against extraordinarily high special education costs that may hit some districts harder than others in any given year.

This “high risk pool” is also used to cover the excess cost of students that are placed by a state court, tribal court, juvenile services or county/state social service agencies into a state-licensed foster home, state-licensed child care home or facility, or a state-operated institution. Students placed voluntarily by a parent or legal guardian into a state-licensed child care home, facility, or program defined in NDCC sections 25-01.2-01 and 50-11-00.1 may also be eligible.

The process for claiming reimbursement for excess costs is handled through the ND TEACH Student Contract System. For more information using this system call the following NDDPI contact:

Entity Phone Number
ND TEACH Student Contract System (701) 328-2175
State Responsible – Residency Determination (701) 328-3291
State Responsible – Special Education (701) 328-2633
User access to ND TEACH Student Contract System (701) 328-2175

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