Foster Care

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes the educational stability of vulnerable students, including those in foster care. Children in foster care face many educational barriers, including traumatization, high mobility, and undiagnosed behavioral and health conditions.

ESSA requires new guidelines and resources to ensure improved educational outcomes for children in foster care. These provisions took effect on December 10, 2016.

District Resources

  • Role of District Foster Care Liaison LEA
  • Identification of Youth in Foster Care LEA
  • Transportation Plan Guide
  • Collaborative Roles with CWA

Federal Law Guidance

Points of Contact
  • County Social Service Board Directory
  • District Foster Care Liaison
  • Division of Juvenile Services
  • Tribal Social Service Contacts
  • LEA Foster Care Liaison Information
  • CWA POC Notification Letter
  • Best Interest Determination LEA
  • Transportation Agreement Memorandum of Understanding
  • Foster Care Program Sample Monitoring Report