Adult Education Resources/Links


The resources and links below are primarily for Adult Education staff. In some cases, the information could be useful for anyone interested in the different applications and organizations that are associated with Adult Education in North Dakota.

Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

The Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE), is a nation wide organization made up of over 20,000 educators, administrators, mentors, etc. who work to improve educational opportunities for all persons.  By promoting education and literacy programs, providing leadership unifying the profession, and sponsoring professional development; COABE inspires educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. 

Educate & Elevate: An Investment in America's Future is an educational advocacy campaign that exists to help policy maker understand the value of Adult Education and the impact it can have in communities.  One large tool that any Adult Education supporter can use is the Campaign Outreach Toolkit.  It is simply a collection of resources that make taking action simplified.  This helpful site contains materials such as one-page fact sheets, campaign videos, and even Legislator letter, email, or postcard templates. 

If we educate, then we elevate! 
(Click the link to watch a short video that COABE has created for the Educate and Elevate campaign that gives research based information about Adult Education.)


Displaced Homemakers

Per legislative rule (NDCC 14-06.01), the Regional Adult Learning Centers provide services to individuals who qualify as "displaced homemakers", an ever-increasing number of persons who find themselves "displaced" through separation, divorce, death or disability of a spouse, or other loss of support.  As a consequence, these individuals are very often without any source of income and are sometimes ineligible for categorical welfare assistance.

The Adult Learning Centers are able to provide academic support, career and college guidance, and services for displaced homemakers so they may enjoy independence and economic security.

The 67th Legislative Assembly Executive Summary Report is now available. For a copy of the report, please contact the Office of Assessment.

For more information, contact the Adult Education Office at (701) 328-2393 or any Regional Adult Learning Center .

North Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning (NDALL)

The North Dakota Association for Lifelong Learning (NDALL) is the state association which was first created in 1993 for the purpose of promoting and encouraging lifelong learning for all North Dakota citizens.  Over time, this Association has evolved into a strong membership of job alike colleagues who network, participate in professional development activities and conferences to improve strategies for teaching the adult learner.  See: North Dakota Association for Lifelong Learners (NDALL) for more information.

Should you not find what you need on this website, please contact the Adult Education Office at (701) 328-2393.