Finance & Operations


The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) administers state aid to schools program and other state grant programs authorized by the state legislature. NDDPI coordinates the analysis, forecasting, budgeting, data collection, reporting and communication functions required to implement these programs. Technical assistance is also provided to legislators, school personnel and the general public pertaining to foundation aid, district organization, nonresident tuition, open enrollment, transportation, school construction, and taxation issues.

Open Enrollment

The North Dakota open enrollment law establishes an application period whereby parents can apply to enroll their children in a district other than the district of residence.
If a school board decides to accept students under the provisions of open enrollment, it must establish policies for the acceptance or rejection of applications on the basis of the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or school building.  The North Dakota School Boards Association will provide assistance regarding the establishment and revision of these policies.
The school board of a district may decide to not accept students from other districts under the provisions of open enrollment by formally adopting a motion indicating this intent. 
Application procedures and guidelines are further explained in the Open Enrollment application.

Finance Facts

Finance Facts Sections


  • Section A-  Summary of Facts
  • Section B-  Rank Order by Total Levy
  • Section C-  Mill Levy Summary
  • Section C-  Mill Levy Summary
  • Section D-  Fund Group 1 Revenue & Expenditures
  • Section E-  Statewide Fund Group 1 Expenditures by Function
  • Section F-  Fund Group 1 Expenditures by Function by District
  • Section G- Current Expenditures by Type of District
  • Section H- Expenditure Calculation of Average Cost/Pupil
  • Section I-   Fall Enrollment, Teacher FTE and Salaries 
  • Section J-  State Aid Formula and other Statistics 
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