K-12 Education Content Standards


North Dakota Content Standards serve as a model to develop teaching and learning goals and expectations for what students should know and be able to do for each grade span. Each school district may set more rigorous standards; however, no district shall use any state content standards less rigorous than those set forth in the North Dakota Century Code 15.1-21.

Local school districts determine the curriculum (how standards are taught) they will adopt to meet the standards.

Please visit the North Dakota CASE Server to access a machine-readable version of the official North Dakota Content Standards North Dakota CASE Server.  The CASE version of the standards can be uploaded to student information systems, curriculum mapping programs, and various other uses.

To access the priority standards and proficiency scales developed by the North Dakota Regional Education Association, please visit NDREA.org

The North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education (NDCTE) also has content standards to assist in preparing students for entry into industry sectors for post-secondary education. The NDCTE develops these standards to ensure each program area offers courses that allow students to acquire essential knowledge and skills.


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English Language Arts

NDDPI Seeks Input on the Second Draft of the

ND English Language Arts Content Standards

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is seeking feedback on the second draft of the revised North Dakota English Language Arts Content Standards (ELA).

Content standards are concise, written descriptions outlining the knowledge and skills students are expected to know and do at a specific stage of their education and illustrate what students have learned upon completion of a grade level or grade span. The academic standards do not describe specific teaching practices, curricula, or assessment methods.

The North Dakota ELA Content Standards were last revised in 2017. Since July 2022, a committee of North Dakota educators has diligently been working on revising the standards and seeking feedback. The NDDPI asks that all interested stakeholders provide input on the second draft of the standards through the survey linked below. Public comment will close on March 17, 2023.

Contact the Office of Academic Support for more information about the standards public comment process.

ELA Content Standards Development Committee Minutes

ELA Review Committee Minutes

ELA Standards Development Committee Members

Arnold, Karen Bismarck
Bryn, Tina Barnes County
Conn, Dana NDSU
Cowan, Emily Williston Basin
Cummings, Tawnia Williston Basin
Curren, Dana Stanley
Dodson, Clayton Mayville State University
Eklund, Andrea Grand Forks
Gehrke, Shari West Fargo
Griffin, Abby Bismarck
Hallock, Kristi Fargo
Hilbers, Margaret McKenzie County
Kremer, Melissa West Fargo
Kuznia, Diana Maple Valley
Mackowick, Liz West Fargo
Michels, Crystal Minot
Nieuwsma, Loren Mandan
Pletan, Tina Bismarck
Ridl, Crystal Fargo
Riedinger, Becky Bismarck
Roeske, Lisa Fargo
Rothschiller, Kate Dickinson
Schick, Amber West Fargo
Suter, Cassie McKenzie County
Volk, Aimee West Fargo


Health Education K-12 Standards 2018
Mathematics K-12 Standards 2017

Math Content Standards Development Committee Minutes

Math Review Committee Minutes

Math Standards Development Committee Members

Aasby, Brent Fargo
Bennett, Autumn Cavalier
Bertsch, Michelle Fargo
Blegen, Marie Glenburn
Carpenter, Kimberly Jamestown
Enockson, Molly Bismarck
Gabbert, Linda Williston Basin
Hendrickson, Lisa Wishek
Jones, Samantha Minot
Jordan, Rebecca McKenzie County
Kratcha, Megan West Fargo
Lee, Kayla West Fargo
Leier, Jill West Fargo
Neal, Amy Minot
Poffenberger, Mae West Fargo
Seyfried, Nicole West Fargo
Sheldon, Elsie Bismarck
Spencer, Jacy Lisbon
Vollmer, Tara Glenburn
Wirth, Jamie Valley City State University
Facilitator: Dr. Jeff Boyer North Dakota State University


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