Site Eligibility for Summer Food Service Program


Sites Eligible for Summer Food Service Program

The SFSP is a federally-funded, state-administered program. The SFSP reimburses providers who serve free healthy meals to children and teens in low-income areas during the summer months when school is not in session. There are two ways schools are Eligible to provide free summer meals. The first is through School data. If there are any months your enrollment indicates 50% or more of enrolled students are eligible for Free/Reduced priced meals, this qualifies your school to be an open sites and can serve free meals to all kids in the neighborhood and those attending summer enrichment programs.

There is also eligibility through census data. The Capacity Builder Map allows users to visualize “layers” of information, such as the area eligibility data, existing sites and potential site locations.  The Capacity Builder is a powerful tool for State agencies and sponsors to identify opportunities for expansion. If you have questions, please contact Melissa at (701) 328-2263.

2022 Applications Open for Summer Food Service Program Press Release * Coming Soon


2022 Site Eligibility List

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Contact our office with any potential sites not currently on the eligibility list.


                                    2022 Site Eligibility List

Entity City Site
School Bakker Bakker Elementary
School Beach Beach High School
School Beach Lincoln Elementary School
School Belcourt Tiny Turtles Preschool
School Belcourt Turtle Mt Comm Elementary
School Belcourt Turtle Mt Community High School
School Belcourt Turtle Mt Middle School
School Belcourt Ojibwa Indian School
School Belcourt St. Anns Catholic Indian School
College Belcourt TM Community College
School Binford Midkota Elementary School
School Bismarck Apple Creek Elementary School
School Bismarck Bismarck High School
School Bismarck Centennial Elementary School
School Bismarck Century High School 
Park Bismarck Custer Park
School Bismarck Dorothy Moses Elementary School
School Bismarck Grimsrud Elementary School
School Bismarck Highland Acres Elementary School
Park Bismarck JayCee Park
School Bismarck Jeannette Myhre Elementary School
School Bismarck Pioneer Elementary
Park Bismarck Lions Park
Park Bismarck Normandy Park
School Bismarck Northridge Elementary School
School Bismarck Richholt elementary School (BECEP)
School Bismarck Roosevelt Elementary School
Park Bismarck Seratoma Park
Park Bismarck Sons of Norway Park
School Bismarck South Central High School 
School Bismarck Victor Solheim Elementary
School Bismarck Wachter Middle School
Park Bismarck Wachter Wave Pool Park
School Bismarck Will Moore Elementary School
School Bismarck Dorothy Moses Elementary-CACFP
School Bismarck Jeannette Myhre Elementary-CACFP
School Bismarck Shiloh Christian School
School Bismarck Will-Moore Elementary-CACFP
Park Bismarck Kiwanis Park (Bismarck)
School Bismarck St Marys Academy
School Bismarck Cathedral of Holy Spirit Elementary
School Bismarck St Marys Elementary School
School Bismarck Martin Luther Elementary School
School Bismarck Grimsrud Elementary School
School Bismarck Shiloh Christian School
School Bismarck Theodore Jamerson Elem School
Park Bismarck 16th Street Park
Park Bismarck 23rd St Park
Church  Bismarck Bible Baptist Church
Church  Bismarck Church of Christ
Church Bismarck Church of Corpus Christi
Church  Bismarck Faith Lutheran Church
Church Bismarck First United Methodist Church
Church  Bismarck Grace Lutheran Brethren Church
Park Bismarck Marian Park
Park Bismarck Optimist Family Park
College Bismarck United Tribes Technical College
Park Bismarck Zonta Park
School Cando North Star Public School
School Carrington Carrington Elementary School
School Crookston Tri-Valley Head Start
School Crosby Divide County Elementary School
School Crosby Divide County High School
Library Crosby Divide Co Public Library
School Devils Lake Central Middle School
School Devils Lake Devils Lake High School
School Devils Lake Sweetwater Elementary School
School Devils Lake St Joseph Elementary School
Park Devils Lake Roosevelt Park
School Dickinson Trinity Elementary North
School Dickinson Trinity High School
School Dickinson Heart River Elementary School
Church Dickinson Bible Baptist Church
Church Dickinson Queen of Peace Catholic Church
Park Dickinson Youngs Park
School Dunseith Dunseith Day Elementary
School Dunseith Dunseith Elementary School
School Dunseith Dunseith High School
School Edgeley Willow Bank Colony
School Edmore Edmore Public School
School Ellendale Ellendale Public School
School Emerado Emerado Elementary School
School Enderlin Enderlin Area
Church Enderlin First Lutheran Church of Enderlin
School Fairmount Fairmount Public School
School Fargo Eagles Elementary-Youth Commission
School Fargo Ed Clapp Elementary-Youth Commission 
Park Fargo McCormick Park
City Fargo MidTown - Fargo Main B & G Club Site
School Fargo Washington Elementary-Youth Commission  
School Fargo Ed Clapp Elementary School
Park Fargo McCormick Park
School Fargo Ben Franklin Middle School
School Fargo Carl Ben Middle School
School Fargo Dakota High School
School Fargo Eagles Elementary
School Fargo Ed Clapp Elementary School
School Fargo Hawthorne Elementary School
School Fargo Jefferson Elementary School
School Fargo Madison Elementary School
School Fargo North High School
School Fargo Roosevelt Elementary School
School Fargo South High School
School Fargo Washington Elementary
School Fargo Grace Lutheran Elementary School
School Fargo Ed Clapp Elementary School
Park Fargo Meadowridge Park
Park Fargo Willow Park
College Fargo NDSU Upward Bound
School Fargo Oak Grove Lutheran Elementary School
School Fargo Holy Spirit Elementary School
Church Fargo Elim Lutheran Church
Park Fargo Madison Park
Park Fargo McCormick Park
Park Fargo Willow Park
Church Fargo Golden Ridge Lutheran Church
School Fargo Jefferson Elementary - YMCA CC Services
School Fargo Madison Elementary- YMCA CC Services
  Fargo Riviera Heights
School Fargo Roosevelt Elementary School
City Fargo Schlossman Family YMCA West
City Fargo Schlossman Family YMCA West Schoolage
  Fargo West Acres SFSP Site
Park Fargo Brunsdale Park
Library Fargo Dr. James Carlson Library
Park Fargo Ed Clapp Park
Park Fargo Jefferson West Park
Park Fargo Johson Soccer Complex
Park Fargo Newman Outdoor Field
Park Fargo North Broadway Park
Park Fargo Oak Manor Park
Park Fargo Unicorn Park
City Fargo Valley Senior Services
School Fessenden Fessenden-Bowdon Public School
School Finley Finley-Sharon Public School
School Flasher Flasher Public School
School Fort Totten Four Winds Comm High School
School Fort Totten Four Winds Elementary School
College Fort Totten Cankdeska Cikana Community College
School Fort Yates Fort Yates Public School
School Fort Yates St Bernard Mission School
School Fort Yates Standing Rock Elementary School
School Fort Yates Standing Rock High School
Library Fort Yates Sioux County Public Library
College Fort Yates Sitting Bull College
School Gackle Gackle/Streeter Public
School Glenburn Glenburn Public School
School Glenfield Midkota High School
School Grafton Century Elementary School
School Grafton Grafton High School
School Grafton Grafton Middle School
Library Grafton Carnegie Regional Library
School Grand Forks Ben Franklin Elementary
School Grand Forks Central High School
School Grand Forks Century Elementary School
School Grand Forks Community High School
School Grand Forks J Nelson Kelly Elementary School
School Grand Forks Lake Agassiz Elementary School
School Grand Forks Phoenix Elementary
School Grand Forks Red River High School
School Grand Forks Schroeder Jr High School
School Grand Forks South Middle School
School Grand Forks Valley Middle School
School Grand Forks Viking Elementary School 
School Grand Forks Wilder Elementary
School Grand Forks Winship Elementary School
Park Grand Forks Bringewatt Park
Park Grand Forks Columbia Square
Park Grand Forks Elks Park
Library Grand Forks Grand Forks Public Library
School Grand Forks LaGrave Learning Center
Park Grand Forks Richard's West Park
Park Grand Forks Smile Park(Augustana Church)
Park Grand Forks University Park - St. Vincent De Paul
City Grand Forks Winterland Apartments
School Grand Forks St. Michaels School
College Grand Forks Wilkerson Hall
City Grand Forks Abbott Sports Complex
Park Grand Forks Exchange Club Park
Park Grand Forks Haake Strip Park/Ben Franklin Park
Park Grand Forks Half Circle Park
Park Grand Forks Independence Park
Park Grand Forks Jaycees Park
Park Grand Forks Kahnowski Park
Park Grand Forks Lions Park
Park Grand Forks Midtown Park
Park Grand Forks Prime Steel Park
Park Grand Forks Sertoma/Japanese Garden Park
Park Grand Forks St. Mary's Park/Church
Park Grand Forks Symington Park
Park Grand Forks Williamson Field and Park
Park Grand Forks Wilmar Park
School Granville TGU Granville Public School
School Halliday Twin Buttes Elementary School
School Harvey Harvey High School
School Hazelton Hazelton-Mof-Brad Public School
School Hoople Valley Edinburg Elementary-Hoople
City Jamestown Arts Center Park
Park Jamestown Leapaldt Park
Park Jamestown Meidinger Park
City Jamestown NDSU Extension/Stutsman County Library
Park Jamestown Nickeus Park (7th st nw and 1st ave n)
City Jamestown Two Rivers Activity Center (TRAC)
School Jamestown Jamestown Middle School
School Jamestown Lincoln Elementary
School Jamestown Louis Lamour Elementary
School Jamestown Roosevelt Elementary School
School Jamestown Washington Elementary School
School Jamestown St Johns Academy
Library Jamestown James River Valley Library
Park Jamestown Klaus Park
Park Jamestown McElroy Park
Library Jamestown Stutsman County Library
School Killdeer Killdeer Public School
School LaMoure LaMoure Colony School
School Larimore Larimore Elementary School
School Larimore Larimore High School
School Leeds Leeds Public School
School Lisbon Lisbon Elementary School
School Lisbon Lisbon High School
School Lisbon Lisbon Middle School
School Litchville Litchville School
School Mandan Custer Elementary-CACFP
School Mandan Mary Stark Elementary-CACFP
School Mandan Custer Elementary
Park Mandan Dykshoorn Park
Park Mandan Kiwanis Park (Mandan)
School Mandan Mandan High School
School Mandan Mary Stark Elementary School
Park Mandan Wildwood Park
School Mandan St Joseph Elementary School
Park Mandan Eagles (Universal) Park
Church  Mandan Mandan Baptist Church
Library Mandan Morton Mandan Library
Church  Mandan Spirit of Life Church
School Mandaree Mandaree Public School
Church Mandaree Christian Life Camp
School Manvel Manvel Elementary School
School Marion Marion School
School McClusky McClusky Elementary
School McClusky McClusky High School
School McVille Dakota Prairie Elementary
School Milnor Sundale Colony School
School Minnewaukan Minnewaukan Public School
School Minot Central Campus School
School Minot Erik Ramstad Jr Middle
School Minot Jim Hill Middle School
School Minot Longfellow Elementary School
School Minot Magic City Campus
School Minot McKinley Elementary School
Park Minot Oak Park
School Minot Perkett Elementary School 
School Minot Roosevelt Elementary School
School Minot Sunnyside Elementary
School Minot Washington Elementary
College Minot Minot State University
Park Minot Roosevelt Park
Church Minot Saint John Church
School MINOT AFB Dakota Elementary School
School MINOT AFB Memorial Jr High School
School MINOT AFB North Plains Elementary School
School Minto Minto Public School
School Munich Munich Public School
School Napoleon Napoleon Public School
School New England New England Public School
School New Rockford New Rockford/Sheyenne School
School New Town New Town High School
School New Town Three Affiliated Tribes Boys and Girls Club-high school
School Oakes Oakes Elementary School
School Oberon Oberon Public School
School Parshall Parshall Elementary School
School Parshall Parshall High School
Library Parshall Parshall Public Library
Tribal Porcupine Porcupine Senior Center
School Rolette Rolette Public School
Library Rolette Rolette City Library
School Rolla Mt Pleasant Elementary School
Library Rolla Rolla Public Library
School Rugby Little Flower Elementary School
School Rugby Rugby Elementary School
Tribal Selfridge Selfridge Center
School Selfridge Selfridge Public School
School Solen Cannon Ball Elementary School
School Solen Solen High School
School St John Saint John Elementary School
School Starkweather Starkweather Public School
School Steele Steele School -Kidder Co
Library Steele Kidder Co Public Library
School Sterling Sterling Elementary School
School Surrey Surrey Public School
School Tappen Tappen School-Kidder Co
School Tower City Wheatland Colony
School Underwood Underwood Public School
Library Underwood Underwood Public Library
Library Valley City Valley City Barnes County Public Library
School Valley City Valley City High School 
School Valley City Valley City High School 
Church Valley City Faith Lutheran Church 
Church Valley City Our Saviors Lutheran Church
City Valley City Sheyenne Valley Special Ed Unit
Church Valley City Trinity Lutheran Church
School Wahpeton Wahpeton Indian School
School Wahpeton St Johns Elementary School
Park Wahpeton Chahinkapa Park
City Wahpeton Community Center/parks and rec office
Library Wahpeton Leach Library
School Wahpeton St. John Public School and CC
School Wahpeton Wahpeton Elementary
School Wahpeton Zimmerman Elementary (Pre K and K only)
School Wahpeton Wahpeton Elementary
School Wahpeton Wahpeton High School
School Wahpeton Wahpeton Middle School
School Wahpeton Zimmerman Elementary
School Warwick Warwick Public School
School Watford City Watford City Elementary School
School Watford City Watford City High School
School Watford City Watford City Middle School 
School Watford City Badlands Elementary school
School Watford City Fox Hills Elementary School
Park West Fargo Herb Tintes Park
Park West Fargo Village West Park
City West Fargo Beuna Vista
School West Fargo Cheney Middle School 
School West Fargo Clayton A Lodoen Kindergarten Ctr
School West Fargo Eastwood Elementary School
School West Fargo LE Berger Elementary School
School West Fargo Sheyenne High School
School West Fargo South Elementary
Park West Fargo Village West Dog Park
School West Fargo West Fargo High School
School West Fargo Willow Park Elementary
School West Fargo Eastwood Elementary School
School West Fargo LE Berger Elementary
School West Fargo South Elementary
Park West Fargo Viola Eid Park
School West Fargo West Fargo Early Learning Center
Park West Fargo Rabanus Park
Park West Fargo Service Club Park
Library West Fargo West Fargo Public Library
School White Shield White Shield Public School
School Williston Innovation Academy
City Williston Splash Pad
School Williston Williston Middle School
School Williston Bakken Elementary
City Williston Elm Estates
Park Williston Garden Apartment Park
Park Williston Housing Authority Park on 18th
City Williston Wilkinson Elementary
Hospitals Williston Mercy Medical Center
Library Williston Williston Community Library
School Wing Wing Public School
School Zeeland Zeeland Public School