Listing of State Forms used by the Department of Public Instruction to request information from clients.

Fillable forms are best viewed using Adobe Reader.

Admitting District Chronological Listing of Open Enrollment Applications-SFN 50040

Application for Alternative Education Program Approval-SFN 50090

Application for Continuing Education Grants-SFN 58629

Advanced Placement (AP) Student Fee Submission-SFN 61062

Advanced Placement Summer Institute Application-SFN 61056

Annexation Petition-SFN 17811

Annual Budget of County Superintendent-SFN 19334

Annual Report of Educational Association Activities-SFN 53931

Application for 21st Century Community Learning Center Grants-SFN 53515

Application for a Paraprofessional Certificate of Completion-SFN 53923

Application For School Support Funds-SFN 52823

Application For Special Education Credential-SFN 9447

Attendance Report – Migrant Education-SFN 53518

Budget Application-SFN 52929

Budget Revision-SFN 9035

Building Tomorrow's Leader (BTL) Program Application-SFN 61531

CACFP Affiliation Certification-SFN 53379

CACFP Budget-Centers-SFN 52041

CACFP Management Plan - Centers-SFN 53806

Certificate of Election and Qualification of School Officers-SFN 7621

Certificate of School District on Pupil Transportation – Migrant Education-SFN 19760

Certificate of Selection of President and Business Manager of School Board-SFN 7619

Certification for American Indian Sites - Summer Food Service-SFN 53399

Change in Enumeration of Children-SFN 9597

Child and Adult Care Food Program and Commodity Distribution Program Agreement-SFN 9193

Child and Adult Care Food Program Annual Information Certification-SFN 59989

Child and Adult Care Food Program Annual Information Certification - FCCH Sponsor-SFN 60001

Child and Adult Care Food Program Annual Information Certification - Independent Centers-SFN 59995

Commitment to Schoolwide Planning-SFN 53614

Commodity Loss Report-SFN 9078

Commodity Quality Complaint Report-SFN 18966

Contract Waiver Request-SFN 61044

Due Process Complaint Notice-SFN 9461

Early Childhood Continuing Education Grant Application and Payment-SFN 60015

Exchange of Property Document-SFN 17813

Expense Claim For Non Department Employees-SFN 9007

Expense Claim for Substitute Teacher-SFN 58965


Parental Directive to Withhold Administration of a Student Assessment-SFN 61287

Paying Agent Notice of Potential Default-SFN 59988

Policy Statement for Free and Reduced - Price Meals/SNP - Charge-SFN 9184

Policy Statement for Free and Reduced - Price Meals/SNP - No Charge-SFN 9185

Policy Statement for Free and Reduced - Price Meals/CACFP - Charge -SFN 52890

Policy Statement for Free and Reduced - Price Meals/CACFP - No Charge-SFN 52892

Policy Statement for Free Meals - Camps-SFN 52267

Policy Statement for Free Meals - Regular Sites-SFN 52266

Professional Development Days Request-SFN 61092

Public School District Budget and Tax Levy -- Certificate of Levy-SFN 9149

Public School District Tuition Agreement-SFN 50013

Request for Allocation of Qualified Zone Academy Bonds-SFN 52259

Request for a Facilitated IEP Meeting-SFN 58305

Request for Complaint Investigation-SFN 58618

Request for Emergency Declaration State Aid Eligibility-SFN 51826

Request for Funds-SFN 14660

Request for Mediation-SFN 58601

Request for Systemic Complaint Investigation-SFN 61397

Resolution Session Agreement-SFN 61013

Resolution Session Waiver-SFN 61014

School Bus/Vehicle Driver Registration-SFN 52087

School Bus/Vehicle Driver Training Workshop Plan-SFN 52088

School District Census Report-SFN 9598

School Construction Approval Process-SFN 52304

School Construction Loan Application-SFN 52306

School District Annual Financial Report for Publication-SFN 7618

School District Notice of Potential Default-SFN 59987 

School District Notification of Student Placement-SFN 18119 

School District Taxable Valuation, Tax Levies, and Bond Elections-SFN 9150

School District Pre-Kindergarten Program Approval-SFN 60869

School Facility Plan-SFN 52813

Special Education Discretionary Grant Application-SFN 12374

Special Education Unit Budget-SFN 50414

Statement of Intent - Home Education Statutory Requirements-SFN 16909

Summer Food Service Program Agreement-SFN 52903

Time Documentation Report-SFN 53218

Title I Schoolwide Statement of Intent - Poverty Percentage-SFN 61046

Traineeship Application-SFN 13417

Traineeship Professional Recommendation-SFN 53154

Traineeship Program of Study-SFN 53155

Traineeship Special Education Unit Recommendation-SFN 53153

Transfer of USDA Commodities-SFN 52896