The purpose of the new North Dakota Scholarship is to align scholarship requirements to the Choice Ready initiative. One thing to keep in mind is that the requirements will align to Choice Ready, but will be more rigorous than what is required for Choice Ready. Like the Academic and CTE Scholarships, the new North Dakota Scholarship is worth $6,000.

The new North Dakota scholarship was created during the 2021 Legislative Session by SB 2289. It will gradually replace the current Academic and CTE Scholarships. Students graduating in 2024 can use either the old (Academic/CTE Scholarship) requirements, or the new North Dakota Scholarship requirements. Starting with the graduating class of 2025, students can only use the new North Dakota Scholarship requirements. 

The North Dakota Scholarship has several components. The first component is the essential skills. All students must fulfill the requirements of the essential skills in order to be eligible for the scholarship. The next three components are Post-Secondary Ready, Workforce Ready, and Military. Students must meet 2 of those 3 components to be eligible. Any student that meets the essential skill requirements, as well as 2 of the 3 (Post-Secondary Ready, Workforce Ready, and Military Ready) components qualifies for the North Dakota Scholarship. Please see the North Dakota Scholarship Framework for specific details on the requirements of each component of the North Dakota Scholarship Requirements.