Teacher Innovation Grants


As mentioned in the department’s inaugural December 2021 newsletter for teachers, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction will be soliciting proposals from North Dakota teachers that encourage innovation in our classrooms. Over the next two and a half years of the ESSER funding period, the department will fund one innovative proposal each quarter submitted by a North Dakota teacher. Teachers currently employed by public LEAs are eligible to receive funding.

Quarterly Teacher Innovation Grant Award Schedule

 Quarter  Application Window  Applications Due  Grantees Selected  Grantees Announced
 Quarter 1: January-March 2022  January 14-28, 2022  January 28, 2022  February 3, 2022  February 11, 2022
 Quarter 2: April-June 2022  April 13-27, 2022  April 27, 2022  May 6, 2022  May 10, 2022
 Quarter 3: July-September 2022  July 13-27, 2022  July 27, 2022  August 5, 2022  August 10, 2022
 Quarter 4: October-December 2022  October 12-26, 2022  October 26, 2022  November 4, 2022  November 11, 2022


Teacher Innovation Grant Award Recipients

2022 School/District Teacher Scope of Grant

 Starkweather School District 

 Jodi Erickstad

Snowshoeing education and exercise program for all students and their families at the school district.


Bismarck School District-Century High School

Medina School District

Montpelier School District

Gina Phillips

April Foth

Ellen Anderson

Create a community garden for students to learn the importance of community and social development and healthy lifestyles.

Purchase the Interactive Health Technologies Spirit System for her school and use it to teach students about their physical and social-emotional health.

Start a STEM class where students can use SkyOp to learn about new technology in agriculture and obtain drone certification.