SNP Policies / Manuals / Guidance

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  • USDA Policies for Schools
  • Administrative Manual for Food Service
  • Afterschool Snack Program Manual
  • Eligibility Manual for School Meals *NEW June 2017
  • Survival Guide for New Administrators
  • Professional Standards Summary
  • Creditable Foods Guide *Updated February 2019
  • CDC Food Allergy Guideline for Schools
  • Policy Guide for Protecting Student with Life-Threatening food Allergies
  • Milk Substitutions for Children with Non-Disabling Medical or Special Dietary Need
  • After School Snacks in Residential Child Care Institutions (RCCI's)
  • Summary of Special Milk Program (SMP)
  • 2017 Edition of Accommodating Children with Disabilities in the School Meal Programs
  • HACCP-Based Standard Operating Procedures

Policy Templates from the North Dakota School Boards Association (NDSBA)

The North Dakota Schools Boards Association has developed these policies in collaboration with the North Dakota Department of  Public Instruction and through a review of federal regulations and policies. If you have questions on these templates, please contact the NDSBA at (701) 255-4127.

  • Meal Charging Procedure
  • Wellness Policy