Content Standards

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Student performance is measured by the establishment of rigorous academic standards based on reputable research and statewide validation. The department has defined state academic content standards in all core subject matters. The department has adopted state-driven, voluntary college and career readiness academic content standards in English language arts and mathematics.

Applications for Content Standards Development Committees

State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler invites applicants to serve as Content Specialists on two North Dakota Content Standards Development Committees that will be responsible for writing, reviewing and revising academic content standards for social studies, and computer and cyber science.   

To apply as a content standards development committee member, select one of the content area applications below:

Content Standards Development Process

Content Standards Development Guidance 

Generic guidelines for the development or revision of statewide academic content standards.

North Dakota Standards Development Protocols (Draft)
Purpose, responsibilities, policies, and governing rules under state law for the development of statewide academic content standards.


Career and Technical Education (External Link)
The North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education also have content standards that assist in preparing students for entry into industry sectors and for postsecondary education. The North Dakota Department for Career and Technical Education develops these standards to ensure that each program area offers courses that allow students to acquire essential knowledge and skills.  

English Language Arts/Literacy

Foreign Language

Library and Technology


Physical Education



Social Studies