ND PK-12 Education Strategic Vision Framework


Utilizing an inclusive and collaborative process, NDDPI and the Strategic Vision for PK-12 Education Steering Committee have developed a Strategic Vision Framework to define the strategic work of the department over the next five years. Resources and staff effort have been aligned toward these strategic initiatives.

Long-term outcomes for students

  • Increase students who enter kindergarten prepared to learn
  • Increase students who demonstrate reading proficiency in 3rd grade
  • Increase students who meet expected learning gains each year
  • Increase students who engage in learning
  • Increase students who graduate choice ready
  • Reduce the disparity in achievement for students in poverty and for Native American students

Focused effort within these strategic themes

  • Quality early childhood education
  • Support for safe and healthy behaviors
  • Career exploration
  • Quality education personnel
  • Quality instruction for personalized learning