Grants and Scholarships

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Continuing Education Grants

**Due to a high volume of applicants, we have expended all Continuing Education Grant dollars for the 2017-2019 Biennium. If funds are alloted by the 2019 North Dakota Legislature, indivuduals who meet the requirements will be able to apply for funds on July 1, 2019. Thank you for your ongoing support of the North Dakota Continuing Education Grant program.

The superintendent of public instruction shall award grants in amounts up to $1,200 to eligible
recipients that are pursuing a master's degree or a specialist diploma in educational leadership, pursuing a school counselor credential, or career development facilitation.

Laws and Regulations Supporting Documents Contact Joe Kolosky, Deputy Director, at (701) 328-2295 for additional information on Continuing Education Grants.

North Dakota Academic or Career and Technical Education Scholarship

Two merit-based scholarships were created during the 2009 legislative session: the North Dakota Academic scholarship and the North Dakota Career & Technical Education (CTE) scholarship. These scholarships are aimed at increasing high school rigor and retaining college students in North Dakota. The program is authorized through NDCC 15.1-21-02.4 through 15.1-21-02.8.

Laws and Regulations
e-Transcripts: Course Information: Contact Jim Upgren, Assistant Director, at (701) 328-2244 or Angie Thomas, Administrative Staff Officer, at (701) 328-2597 for additional information on North Dakota Academic or Career and Technical Education Scholarships.