The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) on the Web-Based Case Management System

Requirements under IDEA

Under Section 300.1172 of the IDEA 2004, school districts have a responsibility to ensure that instructional and related core materials are provided in accessible formats to students with print disabilities who need them and that they are provided in a timely manner. School districts do this when they:

  • Ensure that K-12 publishers with whom they contract agree to submit a NIMAS, digital version of the instructional materials to the national central repository called the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Center (NIMAC);
  • Ensure that each IEP team appropriately identify whether a student needs accessible instructional materials and, if the student needs them, provide the alternate formats in a timely manner;
  • Ensure that all students with print disabilities are deemed eligible to receive the digital versions from the NIMAC by a competent authority.
  • Ensure that they have policies in place for ensuring timely delivery of student ready versions of the instructional materials in alternate formats.
  • It is also the school district's responsibility under IDEA 2004 to ensure that all students with disabilities are provided accessible instructional materials if they need them, regardless of whether or not they are NIMAS eligible.

Web-Based Case Management System

It is because of this responsibility that it was added to Section G (Adaptation of Educational Services) of the web-based case management system. The following questions will trigger the team's consideration and documentation of whether a student needs accessible specialized formats to access the general education curriculum.

Does the student need instructional and related core materials in an accessible specialized format? Yes or No (must check one)

  1. If the team checked No, then proceed to the next section of this page.
  2. If the team checked Yes, select the alternate format(s) needed for the student. The team will select one or more of the following: Braille, large print, digital (e-text) or audio; and
  3. Document whether the student is eligible to receive NIMAS files. The question reads: Is the student eligible to receive NIMAS files as certified by a competent authority? Yes or No (must check one)
  4. If the team checked Yes, then the link to the Verification of Eligibility form will appear at the top of the screen. You will need to click Save, Done Editing before you go to the form or all the information you entered in Section G will be lost. This form is not a required form and the district may use other forms of documentation. However, the form serves two useful functions:
    1. As a reference to eligibility requirements for students receiving NIMAS files from the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Center (NIMAC).
    2. As a record that the team discussed NIMAS and that eligibility was determined by a competent authority.
  5. If the team checked No at this part, the screen will display a message that although the student doesn't qualify for NIMAS files, the instructional materials will be provided in an accessible format to the student who needs it.