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This is a multi-phase initiative. The first phase focuses on the user interface and user experience. Some new features include:

  • Updated color schema and modernized look
  • The homepage has been updated to reduce the number of clicks needed to get to different reports
  • Reports will now open in “edit” mode for authorized users
  • The new “breadcrumb” feature makes it easier to navigate between pages
  • The “enter” button will now work the same as it does on most other modern websites (instead of taking you back to the homepage)
  • Users can change the entity and year directly within the report
  • Improved report status and due date displayed on reports
  • The validation report will now automatically appear when done (no need to hit the “check for results” link repeatedly), and you can download the validation report to Excel!

The team will be working with the REAs to schedule on-site training in each region, along with a couple of virtual sessions. Once dates, times, and locations are set, we will send out the schedule.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Steve Snow at fsnow@nd.gov or 701-328-4571.

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