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On behalf of the State of North Dakota, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) will be submitting a 21st Century Community Learning Center wavier application with respect to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Assistant Secretary of Education Frank T. Brogan released the application for States to apply for the 21st Century Community Learning Center waiver. Through the waiver, the Secretary delegates to eligible State educational agencies (SEAs) the authority to waive ESEA section 4201 (b)(1)(A) that restricts activities provided by a 21st CCLC program to activities provided only during non-school hours or periods when school is not in session.

A 21st CCLC grantee approved for the 21st Century Community Learning Center waiver may provide supplemental activities when school is in session but students are not receiving in-person instruction, such as by permitting a teacher to provide additional academic supports during remote learning. All other requirements for a 21st CCLC program continue to apply.

The NDDPI believes it would be beneficial to North Dakota schools and districts to pursue this 21st Century Community Learning Center wavier.

The U.S. Department of Education requires states to provide all LEAs and other 21st CCLC subgrantees in the state with notice and a reasonable opportunity to comment on this waiver request. We are providing this statewide notice by sending an email over the distribution lists, posting information in the Weekly Blast, including, and posting the waiver application on the NDDPI website for two weeks.

Review a copy of the 21st Century Community Learning Center wavier on the NDDPI website.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to comment on the 21st Century Community Learning Center wavier application, please contact Becky Eberhardt, 21st CCLC Program Administrator, at (701) 328-2295.

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