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After many meetings and conversations with local elementary and secondary principals, district superintendents, special education directors, and REA and NDCEL leaders, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) is pleased to announce funding support for existing and upcoming leadership professional development opportunities designed specifically to meet the individual needs of school leaders across the state. Scholarships for these opportunities are being provided to North Dakota leaders through the availability of $200,000 in state funds provided to the NDDPI through the 2019 legislative assembly and $120,000 in federal Title II A state set-aside funds. Using a blend of federal, state, and local funding, leaders will be able to select from a menu of opportunities provided throughout the biennium to engage in a professional development opportunity that directly supports the unique needs of a school, unit, or district leader. We heard repeatedly that a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work for school leaders; consequently, this approach is meant to offer leaders what they need when they need it.

Currently, leaders can choose to apply for funds to supplement the following existing programs:

  • ND LEAD Center’s New(er) Principal and Superintendent Mentoring 

  • School Retool - offered through the Central Regional Education Association (formerly MREC/MDEC)

Coming Soon:

  • ND LEAD Center is developing a Leadership Academy in conjunction with the University of Mary

  • 1:1 Mentoring for TSI/CSI school leaders directly matched to a strong leader in area(s) of the identified need(s) of the school

  • Regional Leadership Cohorts developed specifically to address needs as identified by the leaders in the cohort

  • Native American Schools Leadership Cohort program to support and assist leaders with the unique needs of these schools

Stay tuned for more information from the NDDPI about how a school district can apply for these scholarships for their leaders to participate in these professional development opportunities.

If you have questions, please contact Kirsten Baesler at (701) 328-4570; Dr. Donna Fishbeck, NDDPI Chief of Staff at (701) 328-1240; or Laurie Matzke, Assistant Superintendent at (701) 328-2284.

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