General Support

The North Dakota State Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan revolves around the prominent theme of continuous school improvement. This simply means improvement for all: all educational systems, all schools, all administrators, all teachers, and all students. This past year, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) met with various stakeholders to determine exactly how North Dakota schools will embark on the continuous improvement journey.

The NDDPI collaborated with AdvancED to form a school improvement framework. This school improvement framework supports a process of school improvement for all schools. As an accountability measure of school improvement for all under ESSA, all public schools in North Dakota are considered in General Support and will participate in the continuous school improvement process through the AdvancED.

Our statewide partnership with AdvancED provides one common method for reporting in every school in the state, allows for a uniform comparison among school districts, as well as may other benefits. Plans will focus on continuous improvement, student performance and satisfaction.

The School Improvement Plan

A significant change outlined in our ESSA plan is all North Dakota public schools will:

  • Update their Improvement Plan annually within the AdvancED platform. Previously, the Improvement Plan was updated once every five years; and
  • All plans must address subgroups. It is important to note, all schools will go through this process. The only difference is schools identified for comprehensive and targeted support will have additional plans they must identify.
  • The creation of a continuous improvement plan will result in strategy map.