Training videos:  All videos are read only and have no volume.

Note: If you need to have the training in a pdf format, please call (888) 338-3663.
Training forms and handouts:

  • SFSP Training Certification Form (fill out after training is completed and turn into NDDPI)
  • SFSP Worksheets (complete the worksheet for the training completed and keep on file with program information)      
    • Administrative Training Worksheet
    • Food Service Training Worksheet

Training handouts and resources:

  • SFSP 2019 Waivers
  • Offer vs Serve for SFSP Meal Plan Quick Guide

Note: Staff who only take the food service training will also need to take the annual civil rights training.

Training quick tips:

  • Food Safety
  • Sanitation
  • Meal Pattern
  • Offer vs Serve
  • Accurate Point of Service