Cyber-Educated North Dakota


What is this initiative? 

North Dakota has dedicated ESSER funding to cover the costs of providing one trained computer 
science and cybersecurity teacher for every 200 students in North Dakota. Getting additional teachers 
credentialed in this field allows them to have more time to spend on each student, which is a proven 
way to encourage young people to explore a career in technology. 


Why computer science and cybersecurity? 

Computer science is no longer just a “growing field;” it’s part of virtually every field. Whether 
you’re going into nursing or farming, education or construction, good computer skills are central 
to your success. An understanding of not just how to use a computer’s basic functions, but how it 
works fosters innovation in countless ways. Even something as simple as smarter shift-scheduling 
software can revolutionize how a company does business. Likewise, cybersecurity is moving from 
a specialized field to something in demand by every organization. Whether it’s protecting customer 
billing information or corporate databases, a grounding in cybersecurity gives our students in-demand 
job skills in the Internet Age. 

What are the results? 

To date, North Dakota is more than halfway to our goal of achieving our vision: “Every Student. Every 
School. Cyber Educated.” Every teacher we bring on board with this program can inspire hundreds 
of North Dakota students, making the state an appealing place for technology firms to start up from 
or expand into, which will be increasingly important to our state’s economy. By educating every high 
school student in the basics of cybersecurity, we are setting them up for success in tomorrow’s 
job market