COVID-19 Altered Face Mask Guidance


As schools work on reopening plans, challenges for students and educators that may need altered masks may arise. Guidance regarding obtaining the altered masks is provided below.

Who would benefit from altered masks?

  • Anyone who may need to see the mouth and/or facial expressions to effectively communicate.

Where can these altered masks be purchased?

  • Many companies and retailers are producing altered masks. Links to altered masks and face shields are provided below.

Are adaptations available to make these masks fit comfortably around hearing aids, or cochlear implants?

  • Adapted straps, buttons, special attachments, and hats are a few ways to adapt altered masks to fit comfortably around hearing aids or cochlear implants.  A list of retailers providing these products is also included in the links below.

Wearing a Mask:

Face Masks for Purchase:

Face Shields For Purchase:

Do It Yourself:

Accessories for Use with Hearing Aids & Cochlear Implants:

Traditional Masks Sewn by People with Disabilities: