North Dakota Be Legendary School Board Leadership Institute


What is this initiative?

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction used ESSER funds to launch the North Dakota Be Legendary School Board Leadership Institute, which is designed specifically for school board members and school leaders. We know that student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change. As part of the training, school boards are instructed to adopt student outcome goals that align with North Dakota’s strategic vision framework. The training offers guidance in setting goals and monitoring the progress toward achieving them.


Why train school boards?

School board members are elected officials. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and rarely walk in the door with operational knowledge of how a school district works at every level. Be Legendary training gives them the context for the information they’re given by teachers, administrators, and parents. This empowers school board members and communities, giving them more effective local control over school districts.


What are school boards trained to look for?

North Dakota school boards are being trained to look at the student outcomes, such as reading and math proficiency, which are fundamental to keeping up with their schoolwork. Another critical outcome is ensuring that students graduate choice-ready. That means they graduate from high school with the skills essential to enter the workforce, serve in the military, or continue to higher education.


What are the results?

Twenty percent of North Dakota school boards, representing 20 percent of the state’s students, have completed this training or are in-progress. Each district choses three student outcome goals aligned with the North Dakota K-12 Strategic Vision, then developed criteria for measuring success. These goals are based on the present student outcomes in the district. The board then monitors progress based on a schedule they develop and make adjustments in real time.