College Ready English and Math (CREAM)

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College Ready English and Math (CREAM) – along with its North Dakota Center for Distance Education’s (NDCDE) counterpart CLEM – is taking a new, prominent role within our state’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan. North Dakota’s new Choice Ready component within the school accountability portion of our ESSA plan requires schools to be accountable, in part, on the number of graduates deemed Choice Ready.
CREAM is a program implemented in response to the many high school graduates planning to attend college who are in need of some remediation to prepare them for college-level, credit-bearing math and/or English courses. During the 2015 Legislative Assembly, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) received funding earmarked to address college remediation needs, also referred to as developmental coursework. The 2017 Legislative Assembly appropriations allowed for this funding to continue for the current biennium.
The NDDPI partnered with the Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) to make CREAM available for high schools to offer their students within their school at no cost to the student or school. The program is designed to identify high school students who are in need of English and/or math remediation based largely on their ACT/SAT scores and to provide those students with the knowledge and skills to make them college ready during their senior year.
If you are contemplating offering CREAM, please consider the following:
  • Are your high school instructors willing to incorporate onsite courses of College Learning Lab – English 12 (course code 05078) and/or College Learning Lab - Math 12 (course code 11118) into the course schedule during the 2017-2018 school year?
  • Is your high school ready to offer additional student tutoring and intervention onsite in math and English?
If so, contact Harmony Richman from DCB to learn more about how CREAM can benefit the students in your school. To understand the differences between CREAM and CLEM, use this comparison guide as a reference to make a decision which program is best for your students.

CREAM Contact Information
Harmony Richman
Dakota College at Bottineau
Office: (701) 845-7685
Toll Free: (800) 532-8641

Supporting Documents
Student Placement into College Courses
CREAM and CLEM Fact Sheet
Choice Ready Presentation
Proposal Form