North Dakota Century Code Requirements for School Counselors



Counselors shall be immune from disclosing information given by pupils. For the purpose of counseling in a school system, any elementary or secondary school counselor possessing a valid North Dakota guidance credential from the department of public instruction, and who has been duly appointed a counselor for a school system by its proper authority, shall be legally immune from disclosing any privileged or confidential communication made to such counselor in a counseling interview. Such communication shall be disclosed when requested by the counselee.

School Counselor Requirements
15.1-06-19. Counselor positions - Requirement

1. Beginning with the 2010-11 school year, each school district must have available one full-time equivalent counselor for every three hundred students in grades seven through twelve.

2. Up to one-third of the full-time equivalency requirement established in subsection 1 may be met by career advisors.

3. For purposes of this section, a "career advisor" means an individual who holds a certificate in career development facilitation issued by the department of career and technical education under section 15-20.1-24 or an individual who is provisionally approved by the department of career and technical education under section 15-20.1-25 to serve as a career advisor.

Career Advisor - Duties

A career advisor shall provide sequential career development activities, current career information, and related career exploration opportunities to students in grades seven through twelve. A career advisor shall use computer-assisted career guidance systems and work at the direction and under the supervision of the school district counseling staff.