MIS01 Fall Report Guidance - English Learner (EL) Program

For questions regarding the EL program section, please contact the EL Programs Office.

Career and Technology Centers and Special Education units are not required to complete the EL Program section.

Federal Civil Rights Law and North Dakota Century Code (NDCC Chapter 15.1-38) have specific requirements regarding the education of ELs. The following items demonstrate how all districts meet NDCC and Civil Rights requirements.

Reporting Requirements for All Districts (including those with no EL students)

  1. EL Policy - All districts must verify by checking the box that they have a current EL policy in place meeting the provisions of ND Administrative Code and NDCC and approved by their school board. The North Dakota School Boards Association (NDSBA) has a sample EL Policy (GABAA) used by many districts in North Dakota.

    • Date of Policy (NDAC 67-28) - Enter the date the policy was approved by the school board. This date should align with the board meeting date and minutes in which the approval is noted. Districts are encouraged to review the policy at least every five years.

  2. EL Program Director - All districts must designate an EL Program Director. This person must have the authority to commit resources in the event an EL student enrolls in the district. The director is responsible for incorporating the EL identification plan into the district registration process to include the statewide Home Language Survey (HLS) for all students enrolled. If districts have enrolled EL students, the director must commit resources and provide administrative oversight to the district's language instruction educational program (LIEP). The program director is encouraged to have a current administrative credential to serve as the contact for EL issues.

    • Enter the teaching license number of the EL program director. The name will automatically populate. If the license number has expired, is invalid, or cannot be found, contact the ND Education Standards and Practices Board at (701) 328-9641. If the district's EL Program Director does not have an administrative credential, but has authority to allocate resources for the district, contact the EL Programs Office.

    • Enter the EL Program Director's work email address and work phone number.

  3. Certified EL Coordinator/Test Administrator - All districts must designate an EL Coordinator or Test Administrator who is willing and certified to administer the North Dakota English Language Proficiency (ELP) screener assessment to potential English learner(s) who enroll in the district. The EL Coordinator or test administrator can be employed by the district or contracted with a nearby district or REA. Be sure the person listed is aware of this appointment and agrees to the responsibilities.

    • Enter the EL Coordinator/Test Administrator's license number. The name will automatically populate. If the license number has expired, is invalid, or cannot be found, contact the ND Education Standards and Practices Board at (701) 328-9641.

    • Enter the EL Coordinator/Test Administrator's email address and phone number where they can be reached.

  4. Additional EL Contact(s) - LEAs have the option to include other individuals as additional contacts to receive notifications and information from the NDDPI regarding the EL program. This can be additional EL coordinators/teachers, classroom teachers, technology coordinators, consultants, or administrators.

    • Enter each additional contact's name and email address.

  5. EL Student Identification Procedures - All districts are required by federal and state law to identify ELs. The plan must include the ND Home Language Survey (HLS), completed at registration by a parent or legal guardian for all students. The HLS must remain on file for each student at the district, as well as the screening assessment (WIDA Screener/WIDA MODEL) and documentation of academic review. Districts cannot discriminate this process to certain students because of ethnicity/race or how they speak. For more information, review the EL Identification and Screening Guidance.

    • Describe the procedures the district uses to identify potential EL students.

  6. EL Student Assessment Assurances - All ELs must participate in the ND English Language Proficiency Assessment (ACCESS) and the North Dakota State Assessment (NDSA) or ACT each year as required per grade level. The North Dakota ELP Screener assessments (K MODEL, WIDA Screener 1-12) must be used in the district's EL identification procedures.

    • Check the box indicating assurance of each action item.

  7. EL Certificate of Compliance - LEAs must assure, as listed in the LEA Fall Report, compliance with NDAC 67-28-01-06 and the North Dakota ESSA plan. Compliance will be monitored in conjunction with the annual Federal Title Programs monitoring.

    • Check the box to indicate compliance with all six items.

  8. EL Related Professional Development - (for previous school year) Professional development is a required activity of Title III subgrants (Title III Sec 3115 (c)(2)).

    • Check the appropriate boxes for each EL related professional development topic offered in the district or consortium during the previous school year ending June 30th (If "other" is selected, please enter a short explanation of the professional development in the text box.),

    • Enter the total number of participants for each type of participant, and

    • Check the Title III box if the professional development activity was funded by a Title III grant.